What Kind Of Fireplace Can Go In An Entertainment Center?


Can you use an electric fireplace as a TV stand?

A TV may be placed above most electric fireplaces, without any adverse effects to the TV. Since most electric fireplaces blow heat out the front or bottom of the unit, they create no problems for TV’s or any other items that may be placed above the fireplace.

Are fireplace entertainment centers safe?

The most popular models of fireplace media centers typically feature an electric fireplace. They offer simple installation and safe operation in any size space. When in use, every easily-reached part of the unit will be cool to the touch and only the heating element and its containing area get hot.

Does an electric fireplace insert need to be vented?

Q – Do Electric Fireplaces need venting? A – No, Electric fireplaces do not create any emissions and therefore do not need to be vented through a chimney, direct vent, or other source like gas and wood fireplaces do.

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Can you put an electric fireplace in a real fireplace?

An electric fireplace can be installed within an open fireplace as long as there’s a nearby electrical supply, such as an electrical outlet within the firebox of the existing fireplace. Electric fireplace inserts are the ideal type of electric fireplace to be installed within a real fireplace.

How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

The average electric fireplace uses nearly 1500 watts of power. If you use it just for ambience, then the cost can range anywhere from $0.003 to $0.03 per hour. However, if you use a heating unit as well, the costs will go up to around $0.09 per hour for a medium setting and $0.18 per hour for the maximum setting.

Do electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Electric fireplaces work much like space heaters to provide heat to your home, but can an electric fireplace really heat a room? Using an electric fireplace is a great way to heat a room. From testing, an electric fireplace was able to increase the temperature within a room by 13.5°F (7.5°C) within 4 hours.

Is it cheaper to run gas fireplace or electric heat?

Electric heat from any appliance is more expensive than gas heat. Lower up-front costs. Since you won’t need a chimney or vent, and the fireplace itself is less expensive than a gas version, the electric route is a much lower cost investment.

Is it OK to leave electric fireplace on overnight?

Yes, it is okay to leave an electric fireplace insert on overnight but it’s best if you turn it off when possible. Although electric fireplaces do not produce any carbon monoxide fumes, its best to turn your electric fireplace off when you leave the room for an extended period of time or plan on catching some zzz’s.

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Can I plug my electric fireplace into a surge protector?

For safety reasons an electric fireplace should not be plugged into any form of extension from an electrical outlet, such as a surge protectors or power strips. We never plug it into any form of surge protector or power strip /extension cable.

Are electric fireplaces worth the money?

Why Electric Fireplaces Are Worth It Electric fireplaces can be considered to be worth it because the benefits of having an electric fireplace include: Greater flexibility of where they can be placed in your home. Most electric fireplaces simply need to be located near an electrical outlet in order to work.

What are the best electric fireplaces?

Here, the best electric fireplaces for your home.

  • Best Overall: R.W.
  • Best Insert: PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert with Glass Door.
  • Best Heater: Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove.
  • Best Splurge: Real Flame 56-inch Emerson Grand Electric Fireplace.

How can I make my electric fireplace look real?

Have the electrical connection brought inside the wood-burning cavity, so no cords are visible. If you’re adding an electric fireplace to a cabinet, consider adding a stone surround directly around the firebox, as you would with a gas unit, to further the illusion of real fire.

Can I put an electric fireplace in my entertainment center?

An electric fireplace can be installed into an existing entertainment or designed into a new one. Plug-in electric fireplace inserts come as a larger firebox and may need to be retrofitted into an existing entertainment center, but simply need to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet to work.

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How do I convert my fireplace to electric?

All you need to do is remove the grate from your wood-burning fireplace and clean out the ashes and old wood. Once it is clean and ready, simply slide your electric insert into the firebox. Plug the unit in, and you are ready to sit back and enjoy your new fireplace.

How much does it cost to install an electric fireplace insert?

At the low end for the project, the average cost for an electric fireplace insert and hardwired installation is $900. The highest cost you may pay for an electric fireplace project is $3,900 for an integrated fireplace installed by a contractor, including the appliance cost and labor.

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