What Does Entertainment Partners Do?


How much does Entertainment Partners cost?

Our flat fee is 2% of payroll with no hidden fees and lots of free resources at your disposal like our: Union Rates Search, Product Guides, Payroll Calculator and a blog on topics ranging from the AB-5 law to film insurance to creating low budget films and more.

How many employees does entertainment partners have?

Entertainment Partners has 201 to 500 employees. Where are Entertainment Partners headquarters? The headquarters for Entertainment Partners are in Burbank, CA.

What is EP Canada FSI?

Everyone on EP’s team has worked their way up in the industry. EP’s dedicated experts provide wage and hour guidance, contract interpretation, labour compliance support, and much more.

What is EP Canada?

EP Canada is the leading provider of payroll services to the entertainment industry in Canada. As employer of record, we provide payroll services to the Motion Picture, Television and Commercial industries along with production management and accounting software.

Who bought entertainment partners?

Entertainment Partners was bought out by TPG on Mar 26, 2019.

What is entertainment payroll?

The entertainment payroll company is the employer-on-record for production companies. It caters to the payroll of the cast and crew in the film, television, and commercial productions. Entertainment payroll companies must also understand the industry’s wage and hour laws.

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What Integrated Entertainment Partners?

Integrated Entertainment Partners. when brands and shows come together to advertise while also providing entertainment. Webisodes. started by American Express, short episodes starring Jerry Seinfeld, adds pop-up at the end of the episode.

How Much Is Movie Magic Budgeting?

The look: This film budgeting software has been around a while. For some, it shows. Pricey, unless you’re a student: $489 for the latest version, Movie Magic Budgeting 7.

What is EP account?

The EP Account. is a payment method available to pay for policies/contracts issued or sold by MetLife companies. Once you have an EP Account, other. MetLife products can be included with this account so that payments can be withdrawn on the same date. (

What is the latest version of Movie Magic Scheduling?

Movie Magic Scheduling 6 is the software solution that works the way Assistant-Directors think, providing you with powerful tools to create schedules and reports used by the entire production crew.

How do I update my magic movie?

Log into Screenplay.com and then enter your current Movie Magic ® Screenwriter 4. x serial number (or earlier) and upgrade instantly. NOTE: The serial number and purchaser’s first and last names must match the registration information on file to upgrade through this site.

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