Readers ask: Why Am I Getting Entertainment Weekly In The Mail?


How do I unsubscribe from Entertainment Weekly?

Here’s how to cancel your Entertainment Weekly membership on the website:

  1. Go to the customer service page.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Go to “Manage subscriptions”
  4. Fill out the required form.
  5. Click “Submit”

Does Entertainment Weekly come out weekly?

The magazine is published once per month, although the legacy name Entertainment ” Weekly ” is still used.

Why is Entertainment Weekly going monthly?

EW is going monthly to provide you with a richer experience in print. So why keep Weekly in our name? Because we love this brand, and the history attached to it. And because I’m committed to bringing you more of the news and access you love, across a multiplying family of platforms.

Has Entertainment Weekly going monthly?

The heads of EW decided to switch to a monthly publishing schedule, creating a piece of cognitive dissonance within their masthead. But there were more changes, some of which stemmed from the now- monthly format.

How do I cancel my entertainment membership?

Click the ” Entertainment Digital” or “View Details”. Click ” Cancel Mobile App Membership “. If you are sure you want to cancel your Digital Access Membership click ” Cancel Mobile App Membership ”. On the next page, click ” Cancel Membership ” if you would still like to cancel your Digital Access Membership.

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How do I submit to Entertainment Weekly?

Entertainment Weekly Submission Guidelines

  1. Phone: (212)522-5600.
  2. Fax: (212)522-0074.
  3. Market Type: Magazine.
  4. Accepts:
  5. Web Address:

Is Entertainment Weekly still in print?

Micah Maidenberg. Entertainment Weekly is becoming a monthly as publisher Meredith Corp. The July 5 issue will be the last in its current form. The publication will keep its name online and in print.

Is Entertainment Weekly free?

If you love entertainment and all things Hollywood, then get Entertainment Weekly magazine completely free!

How big is Entertainment Weekly?

Today, Entertainment Weekly reaches 26 million readers through their digital, social, video, and print platforms. Entertainment Weekly magazine stands apart from its competitors due to its unparalleled access to Hollywood’s most creative minds and fascinating stars.

Is Entertainment Weekly good?

Top positive review You get the ads and everything. It’s great. Entertainment weekly hasn’t changed at all. If you enjoyed it them you will love it now.

When did Entertainment Weekly become a monthly?

The magazine has been a weekly publication since its debut in February 1990. People magazine deputy editor JD Heyman will be the new editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine. Heyman is taking over the job from Henry Goldblatt.

How much is Entertainment Weekly?

35.00 $229.54 Save 85%

How do I read Entertainment Weekly online?

Current subscribers can access the digital version of EW for free by downloading EW app (also free) and logging in using your name and address or the information on your subscription label. Single copies of the magazine are also for sale through the app if you prefer to read EW that way.

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