Readers ask: What Going On With Ubisoft Entertainment?


Why is my Ubisoft not working?

Try updating your Windows Firewall, as well as updating the firmware for your home router. If updating these programs does not resolve the issue, you may need to temporarily shut-down the associated programs or bypass the router and establish a direct connection to your modem.

Why are Ubisoft services unavailable?

This message appears when Ubisoft Connect is unable to connect to the service and can happen for a number of reasons. First you should: Check our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) or the news banners on our support page to see if there is an ongoing degradation of online services.

What happened to Ubisoft?

Ubisoft Club and Uplay PC will become Ubisoft Connect on October 27th 2020.

What is Ubisoft working on?

Far Cry 6 is arguably the most anticipated game that Ubisoft has been working on. As the year has progressed, Ubisoft has slowly revealed more about the game, including information on its Season Pass that will include a villain-themed DLC and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

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Has Ubisoft been hacked?

Ubisoft ‘s new action-adventure hacking game, Watch Dogs: Legion, has reportedly been hacked. The game’s source code, which clocks in at over 560GB worth of data, has allegedly been leaked online by ransomware group Egregor, according to a DSOGaming report.

How do I fix Ubisoft connection lost?

Try these fixes

  1. Update your network adapter driver.
  2. Reset TCP/IP stack.
  3. Disable proxy settings.
  4. Change your DNS servers settings.
  5. Reset your network.

How do I fix Ubisoft service is unavailable PS4?

Why Do I Get A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable on PS4? You can get this Error on your Playstation 4 console when you are unable to connect to the Ubisoft online service or the application is having an error. Usually fixing the internet connection or updating the game will fix this issue.

Why can’t I log into Ubisoft?

Additionally, if you are having trouble signing into your Ubisoft account on one of our sites, please try clearing your cookies and cache, utilizing an incognito or private browsing window, or using a different browser altogether.

Why can I not connect to Uplay?

Your Uplay program might be configured to start offline every time you open it. Also, there are proxy settings on Windows 10 that can cause connection problems for the Uplay gaming platform. You can also click on the Change proxy settings option below it if you think your settings are not configured properly.

Does EA own Ubisoft?

After a contentious six-year relationship, Electronic Arts has sold off its entire ownership interest in Ubisoft, according to news accounts Tuesday. According to Dow Jones Newswires, which first reported on the sale, Electronic Arts sold its stake in Ubisoft –14.8 percent of the company–to unidentified investors.

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Is Ubisoft owned by Microsoft?

Yes, Microsoft is said to have bought Ubisoft and will announce this in the next few weeks.

Why does Ubisoft make bad games?

They make money from the first wave of selling thanks to marketing, they pour money into marketing and making the game look good before the release, not so much into the process of making it, they sell lies, when you make yearly games its quantity..not quality. if you look not even that close.

How long does Ubisoft suspend your account?

An email will be sent to the email address associated to your Ubisoft account containing a Cancel Account Closure link to the address associated with your account, in case you change your mind before the 30 day suspension is over.

How much do Ubisoft programmers make?

Ubisoft Salaries Just a few salary ranges and positions are: Gameplay Programmer: $48,000-$52,000. Lead Artist: $66,000-$79,000. Actionscript Developer: $47,000-$51,000.

How do I claim the division for free?

You can claim the game for free from your web browser or with the UPlay launcher.

  1. Log in to your Uplay account.
  2. In the main page, the top menu clicks on discover.
  3. There you will find a pop-up hypertext with the message ” Claim Tom Clancy’s The Division for free “
  4. Click on it and you will be prompted to the game page.

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