Readers ask: How To Use Space On An Entertainment Center?


What do I do with built in space on my TV?

10 Ideas for Media Wall Built -ins

  1. Combine Shelving and Storage Cabinets.
  2. Make a Rustic Statement with Reclaimed Wood.
  3. Shiplap Adds Interest Without Clutter.
  4. Keep it Simple with a Built -in Credenza.
  5. Make a Pretty Statement with Mirrored Cabinetry.
  6. Accent and Add Soft Lighting with Sconces.
  7. Go Dark.

What should I put on my entertainment center?

How to Decorate Shelves on an Entertainment Stand

  1. Display Collections. An entertainment shelving unit is a place to display pieces from your favorite collections.
  2. Create Decorative Storage.
  3. Make a Library.
  4. Decorate with Lighting.
  5. Add Mirrors.
  6. Display Foliage.

How can we reduce entertainment center?

Entertainment Unit: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Wall Space

  1. Add horizontal storage. Every living room needs storage space to prevent clutter and help you stay organized.
  2. Install a floor-to-ceiling unit.
  3. Hide a bed.
  4. Incorporate a bar.
  5. Get cozy with a fireplace.

What do you do with a TV niche?

What should I do with my built-in TV niche?

  1. Firewood storage. I ended up installing the TV above the fireplace to create a centralized focal point.
  2. A sitting area. I thought that the built-in niche next to my fireplace would be the perfect place to read my favorite book or sit and warm myself fireside.
  3. A bar.
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How deep should a media shelf be?

Ideally, 36 inches is a good height for a base, while 20 to 24 inches is a good depth for your media cabinet in which you can keep your TV box, play station, and other TV attachments very easily.

Where do you put a TV in a narrow room?

22 ideas for placing your TV in a small room

  1. Place the TV under a high wall shelf. Save.
  2. A wall unit for the TV. Save.
  3. A dark wall to mount the TV on. Save.
  4. On a specially-made wall. Save.
  5. On a wooden feature wall. Save.
  6. Hole in the wall anyone? Save.
  7. An attempt at camouflage perhaps. Save.
  8. Wallpaper for the TV. Save.

Where should a large TV be placed in a small living room?

Avoid placing the TV in the corner of the room or on a small furniture piece. Just like in your living room, you could mount the television on the wall, as long as the spot you choose will not interfere with your artwork or other décor. You could also hang it from the ceiling on mounted brackets.

Where should a TV be placed in a small living room?

First of all, it’s always best to put the television at eye level. This is best so that when you are seated, you’re not straining your neck or eyes by looking up or down to see the screen. Usually, about 4 feet off the ground is good.

What should I put above my TV?

9 Best Above TV Decor Ideas | Decorating Above TV

  1. Empty blank space above TV.
  2. Decorate TV with floating shelf.
  3. Wall lamp above TV.
  4. Artistic wide wall art above TV.
  5. Gorgeous decorative wall clock above TV.
  6. TV with pendant lamp.
  7. Decorative mirror above TV.
  8. Decorate above TV using set of wall art.
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Where should I put my entertainment center?

Choose a place for the entertainment center where it does not block any windows, doors or vents. A long blank wall in the room is ideal. Typically a room with an entertainment center will also need seating across from it, such as a couch or several large chairs.

What color entertainment center should I get?

Choose a color that accords with the available décor and doesn’t affect the watching experience. You want color that is eye-catching enough to fit in with the aesthetics of the room, yet muted enough not to take away from the main focus of the home entertainment system.

How do Cables manage entertainment centers?

How to Organize and Declutter Your Entertainment Center

  1. Step 1: Disconnect and Clean Everything.
  2. Step 2: Organize by Endpoint on the Floor.
  3. Step 3: Connect the Power Cords To Your Power Strip.
  4. Step 4: Connect Everything to Its End Point.
  5. Step 5: Shorten Your Cables.
  6. Step 6: Wrap Like-Cables Together.

How do I keep my entertainment center dust free?

7 Steps to a Cleaner, Clutter- Free Entertainment Center

  1. Wipe Down the Screen.
  2. Sanitize Remotes.
  3. Dust Speakers.
  4. Stash DVD’s Out of Sight.
  5. Keep Cords Together.
  6. Spot-Clean to Keep Carpets Fresh.
  7. Catch Dust Bunnies.

How do I organize my AV equipment?

7 Handy Tips for Storing and Organizing Your AV Equipment

  1. Label everything (and we mean everything!)
  2. Stack things up so you stop losing out on capital.
  3. Get those cables before they get you.
  4. Stop running after cameras and microphones.
  5. Stop wasting time looking for lost cards.
  6. Don’t let money hold you back.

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