Readers ask: How To Fix Cube Entertainment?


How do I contact Cube Entertainment?

The contact number of Cube Entertainment is 82234451045.

What happened Cube Entertainment?

After a long time of discussing on the final decision, Cube Entertainment had officially confirmed the termination of their contract with HyunA yesterday. This is considered as a tough punishment from Cube after HyunA and E’Dawn went against the company and confirmed their dating to the press in early August this year.

How does Cube Entertainment treat their artists?

All Cube artists also have a talent in composition and possess an incredible sense of humor. They also don’t seem to look for a certain style of music. They give their artists a lot of freedom to do whatever genre they want and such.

Is Cube under BigHit?

Big Hit Entertainment’s move to grow their company by acquiring Cube Entertainment is increasing even more attention.

Does Cube Entertainment accept foreigners?

So yes, they do accept foreigners however, they are all ethnically East Asian or in Sorn’s case, Thai. The same goes for any of the larger or known companies like SM, JYP, YG, Starship, FNC, Fantagio, Pledis, etc.

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Who is the owner of Cube?

Cube Entertainment

Native name 큐브엔터테인먼트
Owner VT GMP (34.92%) Hong Seung-sung (15.2%) Yong-Ju Jeon (0.49%) (2019)
Number of employees 79 (2018.9)
Subsidiaries Cube Entertainment Japan U- Cube
Website (Korea) (Japan)


Is Cube from JSAB a girl?

Trivia. Cube’s character is mostly canon, as they’re shown all the time in the game. Cube’s gender is debated because she has no sign of being physically a female in the game. Cube is relatively everyone’s favorite character in Just Shapes and Beats.

Does Cube Entertainment allow dating?

When 4Minute was under Cube Entertainment, they surprised many people when they revealed that the company never placed a dating ban on them. The company even encouraged the members to date!

Is YG Entertainment strict?

YG Entertainment has a formal three-year restriction on new singers courting, learners are forbidden from utilizing their phones or getting along with partners of the opposite sex. K-pop celebrities weren’t held perfect. They didn’t constantly look all that amazing, dress up so incredibly, or walk so soulfully.

Is JYP Entertainment a good company?

JYP is NOT a ” good ” company. I have noticed that a lot of people think that JYP is a great company, and the best in the Big 3, but let me tell you that JYP is also as bad as YG and SM. Firstly, as we all know, JYP only takes care of the girl groups, Twice and ITZY.

Is Cube Entertainment in debt?

Debt Coverage: A182360 has no debt, therefore it does not need to be covered by operating cash flow.

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Can an Indian audition for BigHit if I’m a girl?

Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2021 online Age group – 12 to 18 years old boys and girls can apply for this show, female participants can join the show from all over the globe.

Does BigHit accept female trainees?

Bighit Entertainment has not been accepting female trainees for a while now. This is/could be because of the incident with their previous girl group Glam, and/or because they are focusing on BTS (Bangtan Boys). However, the company is currently accepting male trainees for a boy band.

Does BTS own part of BigHit?

In Big Hit Entertainment’s statement yesterday, it has been announced that the BTS members are now shareholders of the agency. Big Hit’s shares are valued at 135,000 won (US $115) each and will raise 962.55 million won (US $822 million), making the company’s value a whopping 4.8 trillion won (US $4.1 billion).

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