Quick Answer: What Entertainment Did The Victorians Have?


What did the Victorians do for fun?

Cribbage, Bridge and Patience were popular indoor games whilst tennis, shooting, rowing, cricket and fishing were enjoyed in the outdoors. Hunting, horse-riding, archery and mountaineering were also considered favourite pastimes of many.

What did Victorian woman do for fun?

Music and singing formed a large part of the Victorian woman’s entertainment. Young ladies were expected to perform at social gatherings and music evenings, whilst having a piano in your home was seen as a status symbol.

Where did Victorians go entertainment?

Families spent many hours at home in the drawing room, where they received guests and gathered to play music, read, enjoy games, and talk. The working class saw games and entertainment as a way of escaping their repetitive routine of continuous hard work.

What did the Victorians do for fun or leisure?

Victorian life could be busy but Victorians liked to make good use of their leisure time by playing games and sports and going on day trips and holidays. The ways in which people could entertain themselves varied depending on whether they were rich or poor, male or female.

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What did the rich Victorians play with?

The toys children played with in Victorian times often depended on how wealthy their family was. Children from rich families played with rocking horses, train sets, doll’s houses and toy soldiers, whereas children from poor families tended to play with home-made toys such as peg dolls, spinning tops and skipping ropes.

What did poor Victorians do in their spare time?

People in Victorian times didn’t have as much spare time as we do now – they worked for longer (including the children), and housework took longer, too. They were often hand-made and children would share toys like marbles, whip and tops, skipping ropes and dolls with their brothers and sisters and friends.

What is a typical Victorian woman?

Women in the Victorian society had one main role in life, which was to marry and take part in their husbands’ interests and business. Before marriage, they would learn housewife skills such as weaving, cooking, washing, and cleaning, unless they were of a wealthy family.

What is the ideal Victorian woman?

The ideal Victorian woman was pure, chaste, refined, and modest. This ideal was supported by etiquette and manners. The etiquette extended to the pretension of never acknowledging the use of undergarments (in fact, they were sometimes generically referred to as “unmentionables”).

What is Victorian love?

One of the most romantic aspects of a Victorian courtship was the written word. Not only did women keep a diary of the courtship, but both partners exchanged romantic letters. They also exchanged lockets, antique coins, portraits, poems, sketches and locks of hair.

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What did Victorians do at night?

They would sleep for around five hours and then wake up. The next hour or so would be dedicated to chores around the house, reading, relaxing or intimacy and then the people would settle down for a second round of sleep.

What did poor Victorians wear?

Poor Victorian men wore a vest, a shirt, a bow tie, coat (sometimes even down to their knees because it was bought from a 3rd or 4th hand shop and they wouldn’t try it on to see if it was the right size for them) pants, trousers, rarely shoes and a cap.

What people did for fun in 1800s?

People in the 1800s played games, such as rocking, guessing games, word games, horses, trains, marbles and balls. Some of these games were played by adults at work Find this Pin and more on 1800s project by Jen Voss.

What sports did the Victorians play?

Some of the most popular sports in the Victorian Period were Cricket, Golf, Football, Rugby and Tennis. Sports men would become sporting celebrities and bring the sports to the masses with their amazing skills and sportsmanship.

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