Quick Answer: How Do I Replace The Cooling Fan For My Hp Pavilion Dv4-1106em Entertainment Notebook Pc You Tube?


How do I fix the fan on my HP laptop?

To resolve the error, take the following steps:

  1. Press Enter to clear the message and allow the system to boot to the Windows desktop.
  2. Shut down the computer, and then inspect and clean the exterior vents to remove dust buildup by blowing air through the vent openings.
  3. After you remove the dust, turn on the computer.

Does HP Pavilion have a fan?

The HP Pavilion laptop series is commonly found in small business offices because owners are looking for portable assistance in managing their companies. If your HP Pavilion is getting too hot, make sure its fan is running efficiently.

How much does it cost to replace a fan on an HP laptop?

The average price range for replacing an HP laptop cooling fan is around $99-$175.

Can a fan be replaced in a laptop?

You cannot. You simply cannot replace an internal fan designed to shunt heat away from the CPU with an external fan. The way that internal fans on a laptop works is to pull air in and force the air out across the heatsink.

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How much does it cost to change laptop fan?

Laptop Repair Cost In India Price List

Laptop Problem Laptop Repair Cost
Laptop Motherboard Repair/ Replacement Cost Rs. 2000 – 6500
Laptop Keyboard Repair/ Replacement Cost Rs. 300 – 2500
Laptop Fan Repair/ Replacement Cost Rs. 300 – 1200
Laptop Battery Repair/ Replacement Cost Rs. 500 – 4000


When should I replace my laptop fan?

The average lifetime of a fan should be around 50,000 hours (read it somewhere long time ago). That’s why most users don’t need to change it during the lifetime of a laptop. 50,000 hours means 5.7 years of continuous operation.

Why is the fan on my laptop not working?

Fan Failure Your laptop fan could stop working if it becomes too clogged with dust, or suffers damage from an accidental drop. Use some canned air to blow dust out through the air vents. If you’re comfortable with taking your machine apart, you can give your internal components a more thorough cleaning.

Why is my HP laptop cooling fan not working?

Sometimes it is simply dust,pet hair etc clogging the fan. Pick up a can of compressed air and blow out all of the vents/ports/ opening really thoroughly to see if any change. This video will help you to clean your cooling fan.

How can I check if my fan is working?

The fastest way to tell if your computer’s fan has stopped working is to visually inspect it. If it’s a desktop computer, you can usually see the fan rotating on the back of the case. If the fan is not moving, you must replace it immediately, before using your computer further.

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Why is HP Pavilion fan so loud?

When a computer fan spins loudly for a long period of time, there might be an issue with a fan, or the computer might be overheating. Adjust the power settings, clean the fan vents, check for suspicious processes, and then update the BIOS to help reduce the internal temperature.

How do I open the fan on my HP Pavilion?

To remove the fan, disconnect the fan cable from its connector on the system board. Remove the two 3 mm P1 Phillips-head screws that secure the fan to the top cover and system board. Lift the fan off of the top cover and remove.

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