Quick Answer: Don’t Know Which Email Used For Artix Entertainment Account?


How do I recover my artix account?

Contact your email provider! This is the FASTEST way to recover your account! Recover My AQWorlds Account

  1. Forgot password? Reset it Here.
  2. Forgot email? Get a hint under the Find Email link via the Account Manager.
  3. Other Login Issue, such as technical or payment issue? – Go Here.

How do I change my artix username?

How do I change my AQWorlds account name?

  1. After logging into the Account Manager, choose Change Username to the left and then you can pick a new username.
  2. If you need to purchase AdventureCoins, you can purchase them via the AQWorlds Payment Page or in-game.
  3. The name you choose has to be one that is currently available.

How do I change my Aqw email?

How do I change my AQWorlds email address?

  1. Go to the AQWorlds Account Manager or click on Options and then Account Management In-Game.
  2. Login to Account Management.
  3. Click on Change Email.
  4. Enter your new Email Address.
  5. Enter your new Email Address again.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. You will see the message “Your Email has been successfully changed.”
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Does Aqw delete accounts?

Usually there is no need to delete an account, but we understand that sometimes a player wants to. However, once an account is deleted, it is gone forever!

How do I recover my old Aqw account?

To retrieve your game account information, and reset your password: Go to the Forgot Password page on the AQW game Account Manage site, and enter the Contact email address for your AQW game account.

Is wandering in the void someday their owner will play them again?

Someday their owner will play them again? ” when you look up the char page for that name. You can only use a name if their account has been deleted. If it says they’re banned for cheating or their account is ” wandering in the void “, then no you can ‘t.

How do I unlink my artix account?

Click on Unlink Game Account on the right side of the page. Confirm that you would like to unlink your Artix Game Account from your Artix Account by clicking “Yes Remove the Link.” If you do not want to unlink your account, please click “No, do not change it.”

How do I delete my Artix Entertainment account?

We are sorry, we usually cannot delete an Artix Account. This is because if an Artix Account is deleted, any linked game accounts will also be deleted. Losing multiple accounts you potentially played for years would be disastrous!

How do I find out how old my Aqw account is?

Never miss a Moment Want to know how long you’ve been playing AQWorlds, and when your Time Played achievement badges will be unlocked? Check your account creation date in the Account Manager at: account. aq.com. Happy New Year Folks! Time played badges are awarded on when you created your account.

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What is the strongest class in Aqw?

  • Best Overall: VHL or SWOT – VHL is the best class for free players, it deals tons of damage and can manage itself very well against pretty much all bosses in the game.
  • Hopefully this sums up all the best classes in the game in each category.

How do you confirm your email in Aqw?

To confirm your email address you need to:

  1. Go to the AQWorlds Account Manager.
  2. Login to Account Management.
  3. If your Email Status is Unconfirmed, Click on Resend Email.
  4. You will see the message: ” Confirmation email has been successfully sent to your email address.”

How many players play Aqw?

9 MILLION GAMERS PLAY MMORPG ADVENTUREQUEST WORLDS Since its launch in October, AdventureQuest Worlds has grown an average of 1.1 million new players every month.

Is wandering in the void Aqw?

HIDDEN. HIDDEN is wandering in the Void.

How do you get artix points?

How do I purchase and spend Artix Points for my Artix Account?

  1. Go to our Portal Site.
  2. Click Get Points at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose which Artix Points package you would like to purchase.
  4. Choose which payment method you would like to use.
  5. Click the red Buy Now button.

How do I get to the wheel of doom in Aqw?

How to get to the Wheel of Doom?

  1. Click on the Wheel of Doom button in your Game Menu or.
  2. Type /join doom in your chat bar to go to the Wheel of Doom.

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