Question: When Does Aulani Have Live Entertainment?


Is the Aulani in Hawaii Open?

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa has begun a phased reopening. There are specific instructions and requirements for all visitors to Hawaii, which may include mandated quarantine or pre-travel testing. Please continue to stay updated on the latest travel alerts leading up to your planned stay.

Is Disney Aulani closing?

Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, was the last Disney property in the world to shut its doors way back in late March of 2020. After over 7 months of closure, Aulani is back! The hotel, located on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii, just reopened to the public on November 1, 2020.

What activities are open at Aulani?

  • Keiki Cove Splash Zone. Included With Your Stay.
  • Whirlpool Spas. Included With Your Stay.
  • Wailana Pool. Included With Your Stay.
  • Golf. Play 18 holes at nearby Ko Olina Golf Club, featuring a championship course ranked by Golf Digest.
  • Shopping at Aulani.
  • Shopping Around Oahu.
  • Aunty’s Beach House.
  • Laniwai Spa.
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What do you do if you’re not a guest at Aulani?

7 Your Turn!

  • Spend the Day at the Lagoon. A serene lagoon in Ko Olina.
  • Book a Dining Reservation. Dining at one of Aulani’s restaurants is another way of visiting without actually staying there.
  • Cocktails and Pupus (No Reservation Needed)
  • Go Shopping.
  • Laniwai Spa.
  • Ka Wa’a Luau.
  • Your Turn!

Is the Aulani luau worth it?

We enjoyed the early access to pre-show luau activities, early buffet access, and great seats to view the Disney Aulani Luau show. However, if the extra cost of a VIP luau ticket would prevent you from doing something else on your trip to Hawaii I suggest you skip the upgrade.

Is Disney Aulani worth the money?

Overall: Aulani is definitely not worth the trip for the Disney experience, because there really is no Disney experience. Definitely not worth the trip for a resort stay, there are so many other properties offering more diverse and comfortable amentities in a better location for a more complete vacation.

Can you eat at Aulani without staying?

A: Sorry, Aulani does not offer a day pass. Most amenities—including the pools, beach equipment and activities—are exclusive to overnight Guests staying at Aulani. Day Guests are welcome to enjoy the dining, shopping and spa experiences offered at Aulani.

Is food included at Aulani?

Aulani does offer a simple dining option. Guests who choose to enhance their vacation with the Ali Cafe Dining Plan are entitled to one dining experience including a non-specialty beverage at Ulu Cafe, a quick service restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, per person, per day.

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Does aulani have magic bands?

While officially, MagicBands are not currently in use at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, some Guests have reported success in using them for things such as their room door.

Are there rides at Aulani?

Aulani has a pool area, nice beachfront, and an Aunty’s playhouse (activities for kids). There are no rides, no castle, no parades, a few characters walking around, tho not often. It is not like Disneyworld nor Disneyland.

Is the spa open at Aulani?

The Hawaiian word “laniwai” (pronounced lah-nee-vai) means “freshwater heaven.” Starting June 15, you can reserve spa services including new added options such as foot massage, intense hydration facial, anti-aging LED mask, and more!

Is aulani lagoon open to public?

Answer: Thank you for your interest in Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa. We are excited to hear you will be visiting us! You will be able to visit the restaurants, spa and gift shops which are open to the public. You may also spend a day at the lagoon which would be a public beach.

Can people not staying at Aulani visit?

Sorry, Aulani does not offer a day pass. Most amenities—including the pools, beach equipment and activities—are exclusive to overnight Guests staying at Aulani. To have your parking validated, please bring your parking ticket and purchase receipt to ‘AMA’AMA, Makahiki or Laniwai – A Disney Spa.

How many days do you need at Aulani?

Dedicate at least 2 full days to enjoying and exploring Aulani. The resort offers a lot of entertainment, activities, etc., and it’s difficult to do these all in a couple of days, plus enjoy their excellent pools, hot tubs, spas, etc.

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Are aulani pools heated?

Aulani Resort pools are heated year-round for your enjoyment. As part of the Resort’s LEED certification, pool temperatures are maintained using the heat generated by the HVAC units at Aulani Resort.

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