Question: How Big Is The Music Industry Compared To Rest Of Entertainment?


How large is the music industry?

The global recorded music market grew by 7.4% in 2020, the sixth consecutive year of growth, according to IFPI, the organisation that represents the recorded music industry worldwide. Figures released today in IFPI’s Global Music Report show total revenues for 2020 were US$21.6 billion.

How much is the music industry worth in 2020?

In the first half of 2020, U.S. recorded music revenues grew 5.6% to $5.7 billion at retail value, continuing the positive growth trends of recent years.

How much is the music industry worth?

Global music sales grew for the sixth consecutive year in 2020, with total revenues rising 7.4% to $21.6 billion on the back of an 18.5% rise in streaming subscription revenues, which totaled $9.9 billion last year, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry’s (IFPI) “Global Music Report

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What is the biggest music industry in the world?

IFPI 2017 data

Ranking Market Retail value US $ (millions)
1 United States 5,916.1
2 Japan 2,727.5
3 Germany 1,323.1
4 United Kingdom 1,310.7


Who is the most powerful person in the music industry?

Grainge has worked in the music business for his entire career. Billboard magazine named Grainge as the most powerful person in the music business on four occasions in the 2010s, and the first-ever Executive of the Decade. Lucian Grainge.

Sir Lucian Grainge
Occupation Businessman, record executive

Is making music profitable?

If you love making music, it’s one of the most fulfilling ways to earn a living. Whether it’s your full-time job or a lucrative side-gig, selling music is a creative way to make money doing something you love. Making money from music isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

Is the music industry declining?

Global Music Industry To Decline 28% to 34% In 2020 [MARK MULLIGAN] Global music industry revenue will decline significantly in 2020, says MIDiA analyst Mark Mulligan, and while live music will see the biggest declines, virtually every music sector will feel some pain.

What is the largest source of revenue for the music industry?

U.S. music industry – revenue distribution 2017-2020, by source. Streaming accounted for 83 percent of the U.S. music industry’s revenue in 2020, up from 79 percent a year earlier and marking an increase of over ten percent from 2017.

Is KPOP the biggest music industry?

Using catchy melodies, synchronized dancing, and attractive performers, K-pop artists have smashed records in the Billboard Hot 100 charts. They’ve gained international fans and have become a $5 billion industry. Undoubtedly, K-Pop is now South Korea’s most influential cultural export for the world.

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Who owns most of the music industry?

Sony Music Entertainment (USA based) which owns publishing arm of EMI Group — 30.25% Warner Music Group— 19.15%

  • Universal Music Group — 21.1%
  • Sony Music Entertainment — 17.4%
  • EMI — 14.1%
  • Warner Music Group — 13.4%
  • BMG — 11.4%
  • Independent labels combined — 22.6%

What is the highest selling music genre?

Other highly popular genres included pop and rock music, whereas just 1.1 percent of all music sold in the U.S. in 2018 was jazz. Share of total music album consumption* in the United States in 2018, by genre.

Genre Share of consumption
Hip-Hop/Rap 21.7%
Pop 20.1%
Rock 14%
R&B 10.6%

Is music a trillion dollar industry?

Global revenue of the recorded music industry 1999-2019 In 2019, the total revenue of the recorded music industry amounted to 21.5 billion U.S. dollars. Streaming made up 56 percent of this figure, bringing in 11.9 billion dollars globally.

Who is the best singer in the world?

The greatest singers ever – as voted by you

  • Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney.
  • Robert Plant. Robert Plant.
  • David Bowie. David Bowie.
  • John Lennon. John Lennon.
  • Axl Rose. Axl Rose.
  • Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley.
  • Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury.
  • Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson. He wasn’t called the King Of Pop for nothing.

Which country has most beautiful songs?

  • No. 10: China.
  • No. 9: Netherlands.
  • No. 8: Russia.
  • No. 7: Australia.
  • No. 6: Canada.
  • No. 5: France.
  • No. 4: Japan.
  • No. 3: United Kingdom.

What are the 4 major record labels?

The major labels are generally known as ‘the big four ‘:

  • EMI.
  • Sony BMG.
  • Universal Music Group.
  • Warner Music Group.

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