Often asked: What Entertainment Was Popular In The 1960s?


What did people do in the 1960s for entertainment?

Pop music became the most popular form of music, and listening to music either live or as a record album was a favorite pastime. Other hobbies which became popular in the ‘ 60s include collecting Barbie dolls and making balsa wood model airplanes.

What were some popular activities in the 1960s?

While surfing and skateboarding primarily appealed to teens and young adults, bike riding and fishing were enjoyed by people of all ages. Both outdoor and indoor photography increased in popularity with the development of simpler cameras with built-in flash bulbs and cartridge film.

What was iconic in the 60s?

The swinging 60s gave us The Beatles, mini skirts and Woodstock – as well as, for many people, a sizeable disposable income. Here are the 30 of the most iconic items everyone was splashing the cash on, from must-have toys to game-changing kitchen appliances.

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How did people spend their free time in the 60s?

Students made models of aeroplanes, boats, rockets or cars. Older people spent time dancing and often played in amateur bands. Younger played football or did other sports. People were watched TV.

What did they do in the 60s?

The Sixties dominated by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Protests, the 60s also saw the assassinations of US President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Cuban Missile Crisis, and finally ended on a good note when the first man is landed on the moon.

What were hobbies in the 60s?

People enjoyed such hobbies as building model airplanes and spaceships during the 1960s. One popular family activity was the building of slot-car race tracks from kits, especially among college students. Collecting baseball cards, stamps and coins was another enjoyable activity.

What was life like in the 60’s?

The 1960s were turbulent, violent, but also colorful years. There were assassins and flower children, alienation and idealism, rebellion and repercussion.

What inventions were made in the 60s?

Inventions of the 1960s

  • 1960 – Halogen Lamp Invented.
  • 1961 – Cordless Tools Invented.
  • 1962 – Satellite Television Invented.
  • 1964 – Flymo Mower Invented.
  • 1965 – Contact Lenses Invented.
  • 1966 – AstroTurf Invented.
  • 1967 – Fan-Assisted Ovens Invented.
  • 1968 – Computer Mouse Invented.

Who was famous in the 60s?

Let’s take a look back at a few of the IT celebrities from the ‘ 60s.

  • The Bubbly Blonde – Goldie Hawn.
  • The Boy Band – The Beach Boys.
  • The Style Icon – Audrey Hepburn.
  • The Thrills Director – Alfred Hitchcock.
  • The Creepy Actor Guy – Anthony Perkins.
  • The Guitarist – Jimi Hendrix.
  • The Supermodel – Twiggy.
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How much was a TV in the 60s?

Buying power of $300 since 1960

Year USD Value Inflation Rate
1960 $300.00 0.58%
1961 $291.04 -2.99%
1962 $276.95 -4.84%
1963 $270.63 -2.28%


What did people do in their spare time in the 60s?

A study carried out by a University of Glasgow research team in the 1960s into young people’s leisure activities reveals that they are much like those today. Most of them watched television. Pop music programmes were the most popular, followed by sport and then television serials.

What was popular in the 60s and 70s?

Here are 20 bits of ‘ 60s nostalgia that ‘ 60s kids will never forget.

  • Watching the Beatles rock out on the The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • Drinking Tang.
  • Playing with Barbie.
  • Watching American Bandstand.
  • Following the race to break Babe Ruth’s home run record.
  • Watching TV on gargantuan televisions.
  • Riding around on banana bikes.

How did people used to spend their free time?

There used to be private affairs put on by various organizations, clubs or churches. These were social events that needed prepurchased tickets and reservations. They were often picnics, dinners or dances.

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