Often asked: What Does Jyp Entertainment Look For?


What does Jyp look for in trainees?

The 3 Most Important Things JYP Looks For In His Artists, And They’re Not Talent. Park Jin Young appeared on Mnet’s Stray Kids and pointed out that three most important qualities for the label’s artists are honesty, sincerity, and humility.

Does JYP look at visuals?

You can ‘t become a JYP artist with just good character and be completely talentless, even if you’re a visual. Although visuals are important, they aren’t as important as the other two. Appearance can change. Ideally, JYPE will look for people who possess all three.

Does JYP care about looks?

J.Y. Park said he doesnt care about the looks. He wants someone who is kind, approchable and has a kind personality.

Is it hard to pass JYP audition?

Yes, as long as you are Asian or can speak Hangul (Korean). I believe JYP is the most lenient out of the big 3 with foreigners but it still costs a lot to hire someone to teach you korean in case you don’t know it and only know english.

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Do JYP trainees get paid?

Getting into any of the big three companies: YG, SM, and JYP, will guarantee instant fame. For your first question, I’d like to clarify that trainees do not get paid. However, sometimes (depending on the contract) trainees will receive a weekly allowance, even by the big three companies: SM, YG, and JYP.

Is YG or JYP better?

YG is more strict and has a rlly long training periods since hes a perfectionist but JYP tends to have shorter training periods depending on your age tbh. id say JYP is basically in the middle between sm and yg. JYP doesnt look at looks as much as sm does and doesnt look at talent as much as YG.

Does JYP accept foreigners?

It is very hard to see a foreigner passing all the JYP online auditions. Based on that, JYP does accept non Koreans. However, JYP has yet to accept a non Asian.

What happens if I pass JYP Online audition?

Originally Answered: What happens if you pass JYP’s online audition? If you pass, JYP will contact you. From there you must either schedule a private in person audition or attend a global audition (the in person audition is required).

Is there any JYP audition in 2021?

JYP Entertainment is back with its auditions for 2021. The company is ready to gather new talents from across the world, to train them into one of the best K-pop idols of the future..

Does JYP allow dating?

JYP has a bit of a different approach. He has a 3-year dating ban on his idols. That means that for 3 years after debut, they are not allowed to date. JYP’s rule might seem harsh, but it is understandable in the greater context of the industry.

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Does JYP care about weight?

It does not matter. JYP takes very good care of their idols so weight is not an issue. But during your trainee days, you must be careful of what you eat and watch your portions. They will have you drop some weight though, but gain some if you are too skinny.

How many trainees does Jyp accept?

In total, there are 24 CONFIRMED trainees under JYP Entertainment. [ JYP TRAINEE LIST] UPDATED| 010321 JANUARY 2021 «PORTRAIT VER.» There are 13 male trainees while there are 12 female trainees. In total, there are 25 trainees under JYP.

How do you know if you passed the JYP audition?

After you submitted they will send you the applicant and info you submitted. And after about a couple of weeks they will send you an email saying that they finished evaluating your form. IF they send you another email after that, that means you have passed.

What happens to trainees who don’t debut?

Trainees that don’t debut can go in many different directions. Some who really love singing and dancing will move to a lower-tier agency and debut there. Others may seek to use their connections to move behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Do JYP trainees go to school?

Some trainees are students, so they’ll start training right after school; this means it the trainees may have their classes in school and then have singing and dancing classes. The training hours for trainees who are students “typically” start from whenever school classes are finished, to 10 pm.

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