Often asked: How To Hide Cords Behind Entertainment Center?


How do you organize wires behind a entertainment center?

Using twist ties, cable ties, or Velcro, shorten your cords so that they are the exact length between the two devices they need to be. You can do this by wrapping the cable around your hand and tying it off with the tie of your choice. Shorter cables are easier to manage and hide away.

How do you hide cords under a media cabinet?

The best way to hide TV cords is to not use a wall mount and go with a TV cabinet or stand. Furniture like this has a natural silhouette. You can add anchor cables along the edges with command cord clips. Press the clips in place for 30 seconds and they should stick.

How do you hide cables behind a TV unit?

Use Cord Clips to Hide Your Wires Behind a TV Stand All you need to do is place these cord clips around the back of your furniture and snake your wires around to your surge protector or other devices. This will also help you keep your cords organized and stop them from getting tangled up.

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How do you hide messy cables?

There’s no need to drill a hole in your wall to hide the TV cords. Just wrap the cords together with zip ties, then corral them in an off-white piece of cloth (or a color that matches your walls) and voila — it blends in perfectly!

How do you hide the cords on a wall mounted TV in an apartment?

1. Use the runners or rugs you already own. One of the most common and readily-available choices for hiding cables from view is to place them underneath a runner or a rug. If your room layout is such that cables need to be strewn across open spaces, this is a great option.

Can cable box be hidden?

Note, even if you don’t have an outlet behind TV, you can still hide 99% or your boxes and wires if there’s no outlet there – you’ll just have one power cord to discreetly mount to feed everything going behind your TV. 2. A cable wire can also be discreetly mounted with your power cord.

How do you hide the back of a TV?

How to hide a tv stylishly – 13 ways to disguise your TV

  1. Make it part of the decorating scheme.
  2. Hide it behind a framed prints.
  3. Buy a hidden TV cabinet.
  4. Reduce its impact with a bold media unit.
  5. Hide your TV in a wardrobe.
  6. Buy a projector.
  7. Choose a TV that’s a work of art.
  8. Buy a screen that’s just the right size.


Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

Benefits of Wall Mounting One of the benefits of having a wall – mounted TV in your room is that it helps you save space. It eliminates the need for a stand or table that will usually take up space on the floor. With wall – mounted TVs, you can reduce clutter and hide wires with ease.

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How do I manage cables behind my TV?

To avoid knots of cables behind your TV, use cable ties. Plastic zip ties that cinch closed or hook and loop fastener strips wrap around bundles of cables to prevent them from becoming loose or otherwise getting tangled. If your home theater components are close together, use these to keep them organized.

How do you run a TV cable behind a wall?

How to Run TV Cables Through a Wall (so they’re hidden)

  1. Step 1: Trace and cut the holes. Place your electrical box on the wall where you want it to end up, and trace around it.
  2. Step 2: Screw in the electrical box and feed the cable.
  3. Step 3: Add the brush plate and close up.

How do I organize messy cords?

Power strips and surge protectors are must-have items for keeping cords tidy. Consider mounting them using double-sided mounting tape or Velcro strips to the underside of a desk or back of a hutch to keep them neatly out of view.

How do you organize and hide cords?

Wrap your cords in color. Keep your cords straight with just a little bit of washi tape. Wrapping this colorful accent around your cables means you won’t mind if one strays into sight — you’ll just be delighted by the sudden flash of neon. Choose a different color scheme for each cord to keep your TV room organized.

What is the easiest way to hide TV wires?

A DIY-hack for packing away all of those pesky wires hanging from your wall-mounted TV is to use plastic hooks/pegs. These are easily available in hardware stores or online. All you have to do is attach the hooks to the back edge of your furniture and anchor the cords to them.

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