Often asked: How To Get Legal Eligibility To Work In The Entertainment Industry In New York City?


How do I get working papers in NY?

How do I get working papers?

  1. Fill out the New York State application available on the NY State Education Website (Open external link)
  2. Submit it to the designated person in their high school or middle school.
  3. The school—or superintendent’s office—will issue an employment certificate to the student.

Do I need a permit to film in NYC?

The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting issues permits to productions filming on location in the City of New York and provides free police assistance, free parking privileges and access to most exterior locations free of charge. Not all filming activity requires a permit.

How much is a film permit in NYC?

A required New York film permit costs a non-refundable fee of $300. Parks permits and DCAS permits cost substantially more — a Central Park NYC film permit costs $3,200.

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What are the child labor laws for child actors?

Title 26 Sec. 773 to 775 – Minors under age 16 working as theatrical or film actors are exempt from the child labor law except that they must have work permits. No restrictions at ages 16 & 17.

Do working papers expire in NY?

At the end of a job, the employer must give your working papers back to you. You can use them on your next job (if you are still the right age for the certificate). If the employer does not return your working papers, you can ask the school to issue you a duplicate (copy).

What is minimum wage in NY?

NY minimum wage for general workers 31, 2020, the general hourly minimum wage in New York is: $15 in New York City (As it has been since Dec. 31, 2019) $14 in Westchester County and on Long Island (Up from $13)

Do you need a permit to take photos in Central Park?

Visitors are welcome to take photos in Central Park using handheld equipment or a tripod, and do not need a permit. If you ‘re bringing other equipment, want to inquire about a specific location, or have other questions, please email [email protected]

Can you take pictures in the NYC subway?

According to the MTA, photography is allowed on the subway as long as there’s no professional equipment involved, so technically you aren’t breaking the law by snapping a picture.

How much is it to film in Times Square?

The film went into production with a $6 million budget. Filming started in New York in October 1979.

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Where can I film in NYC?

Best Film Locations In NYC

  • Union Square.
  • Tribeca.
  • Times Square.
  • Chinatown.
  • East Village.
  • Coney Island.
  • Harlem.
  • The Hamptons.

How much does it cost to film in Grand Central Station?

Anyone is free to take pictures or video inside Grand Central using handheld consumer equipment only. Use of professional equipment such as tripods, lights, stabilizers, etc. is not permitted at this time, as all photography and film permits are suspended due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

What is being filmed in NYC?

What TV Shows Film in NYC?

  • “Billions” Paul Giamatti and costar Toby Leonard Moore on the set of “Billions.” (Bobby Bank/Getty Images)
  • “The Flight Attendant” Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet filming upcoming thriller “The Flight Attendant” in NYC. (
  • “Katy Keene”
  • “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
  • “The Marvelous Mrs.

What is the child star curse?

That dark cloud of horrid decision-making, alcohol and drug addiction, and attention whore behavior actually has a name: it is called the curse of the child star. As it so happens, a huge number of young celebs who were thrust into the spotlight early on in life grow up to be a little bit crazy.

How do they get child actors to swear?

Originally Answered: How do they make child actors swear? By giving them a script in which there are swear words. If a child actor wants to remain in show biz he or she does the script as written and directed.

Who was the highest paid child actor?

Top 10 Highest Paid Kid Actors


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