Often asked: How Much Revenure Did Obsidian Entertainment Revieve From New Vegas?


Did Obsidian get paid for FNV?

Downsized California studio Obsidian lost out on bonus pay for the RPG Fallout New Vegas because its Metacritic score was one point below the threshold, a developer at the studio has claimed.

How much did Microsoft pay for Obsidian Entertainment?

That $7.5 billion purchase is wild on its own, but it comes after a string of other huge Microsoft acquisitions: Obsidian, Mojang, Double Fine, InXile, Ninja Theory.

Is Obsidian Entertainment owned by Bethesda?

Obsidian Entertainment was bought by Microsoft back in 2018, and with both Bethesda and Obsidian now under the same roof, another New Vegas-esque collaboration could be in the pipeline.

Is Obsidian a good company?

Obsidian Entertainment has an overall Product Quality score of 4.5 out of 5 stars rated by its users and customers.

How did Bethesda screwed over Obsidian?

Because Bethesda screwed them over. After making the development process ridiculously difficult, Bethesda promised Obsidian bonuses based on how well the game was reviewed. If I remember correctly, they missed out on these bonuses by a single score point, which left them feeling used and betrayed by Bethesda.

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Is Obsidian owned by Microsoft?

Both Bethesda and Obsidian are owned by Microsoft now. It’s because Microsoft announced today that it had acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company to Bethesda Softworks.

Is Ubisoft owned by Microsoft?

Yes, Microsoft is said to have bought Ubisoft and will announce this in the next few weeks.

Is Obsidian Entertainment owned by Microsoft?

A little under a year ago, Obsidian Entertainment was acquired by Microsoft. A month after that, the studio announced The Outer Worlds, a sci-fi, space exploration RPG that’s become one of the most anticipated games of 2019.

Does Obsidian still exist?

As a result, Obsidian decided to crowdfund their next game, Pillars of Eternity, a role-playing game played from an isometric perspective, which ultimately became a success and saved the studio from closure. Obsidian Entertainment.

Type Subsidiary
Number of employees 200 (2019)
Parent Xbox Game Studios (2018–present)
Website obsidian.net

Why did Obsidian leave Bethesda?

With Obsidian moving on to focus on things like Pillars of Eternity and The Outer Worlds (itself a sort of Fallout and New Vegas successor) while Bethesda has largely side-stepped New Vegas’ contributions to Fallout, the idea of an Obsidian -made sequel has seemed like a longshot.

Why did Bethesda Fire Obsidian?

The reason for this is because Obsidian is inclined to cater to a different demographic than Bethesda is aiming for with the franchise. I’m sure everyone has noticed by now that Bethesda is taking Fallout specifically towards the FPS crowd and leaving the RPG crowd in the past.

Is Obsidian dangerous?

In George R.R. Martin’s books, as well as in real life, obsidian can be extremely dangerous. This means the obsidian breaks into pieces with curved surfaces that are razor thin and extremely sharp. Over time, ancient peoples learned to break obsidian into tools of various shapes.

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How much is a obsidian rock worth?

There is no set value or market for obsidian, unlike silver and gold, where there are world markets and indices. Obsidian is not an expensive stone. This being the case, a piece of obsidian can cost $2 or $100 depending on the quality and processing it has undergone, you can shop at Amazon.

Is Obsidian rare?

Obsidian is found in many locations worldwide. It is confined to areas of geologically recent volcanic activity. Obsidian older than a few million years is rare because the glassy rock is rapidly destroyed or altered by weathering, heat, or other processes.

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