Often asked: How Much Is Main Event Entertainment?


How much is a main event fun card?

The Fun & Food Combo starting at only $17.99! It’ll be the most fun dinner ever! Choose 1 of 5 delicious entrées and get a $10 Fun Card for just $17.99.

How much do games cost at Main Event?

Main Event is a huge building filled with games and entertainment that includes bowling, laser tag, pool (billiards), and video games. The price for the laser tag is $5-7 per person and the games lasts about 15 minutes. About 20 people can play at once.

How much is an unlimited game card at Main Event?

$14.99 All You Can Play | Main Event.

What is a fun card at Main Event?

Fun Card Details POINTS: The balance you have earned playing arcade games, redeemable for prizes at our Winner’s Choice area. BONUS: Can be used to play arcade games only. Main Event locations are currently transitioning from dollar value to numeric credits.

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Does Main Event have an age limit?

Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 25 in the billiards area. Laser Tag and Gravity Ropes have a height requirement of 48” to play.

Do main event fun cards expire?

One may also ask, do main event fun cards expire? Good news: YOUR BALANCE NEVER EXPIRES! Any resale or transfer of this card will render it void and subject to forfeiture. Main Event is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Does main event have food?

Sports Bar, Food and Drinks Menu | Main Event.

Does Main Event have VR games?

Every Imaginable VR Experience Right Here! At Main Event, we understand that VR experiences should come in all shapes and sizes. We even bring you multiplayer, free-roam VR game options appropriate for kids and adults of all ages.

Does Main Event have arcade games?

We have all of the classic games you can think of, including Pac-man, Space Invaders, NBA Jam, Donkey Kong and more. Of course we’ve got the classics covered, but we are up to date with all of the modern favorites too!

How do I check my main event card?

Call Main Event Entertainment’s customer service phone number, or visit Main Event Entertainment’s website to check the balance on your Main Event Entertainment gift card.

Does Main Event have pinball?

The Main Event – West Coast Pinball Festival.

How much is it to bowl?

Corporate bowling alleys such as AMF charge as much as $5 per game. As noted online, they tend to be on the higher end for bowling alleys. On average, plan on spending anywhere from $1 to $4.50 per game of bowling on an average day.

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Bowling Alley Price
Lucky Strike $8.95–$11.95 per person per game

How much does it cost to bowl a game at bowlero?

Bowlero Prices

Item Price
Game – Per Invidual $4.74
Shoe Rentals – Per Invidual $4.79
Unlimited Bowling – Per Person $11.00
Slices $2.50


What is a gravity rope?

Gravity Rope is a simulation tool made for artist and motion designer. It’s a user-friendly add-on which allow you to create ropes and to simulate different materials easily. Gravity Rope is a add-on with several modes, several materials presets and infinite creative possibilities.

Does Main Event have Apple pay?

Guests can ‘Tap and Pay ‘ to purchase game cards and activities across the center. We accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and all other Tap and Pay methods.

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