How To Get In Contact With 1501 Entertainment?


Who owns 1501 certified entertainment?

Carl Crawford After his retirement in 2016, he began to execute his master-plan. Crawford started 1501 Certified Entertainment, with the intention to give undiscovered and underprivileged artists an opportunity to grow and shine.

Who is the CEO of 1501?

“My gift for recognizing talent put Erica Banks on my radar, and I knew I wanted her to be a part of what we’re building at 1501 Certified Entertainment,” said Carl Crawford, CEO of 1501.

Is Meg still signed to 1501?

Prince Says Megan Thee Stallion’s 1501 Lawsuit Will Be Settled Soon ‘Thanks To The Homie JAY-Z’ Megan Thee Stallion found herself in controversy with her record label 1501 Records after inking a management deal with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation last year. 1501 Records simultaneously inked a deal with Houston legend, J. Prince.

Who is Megan signed to?

300 Entertainment Atlantic Records Megan Thee Stallion / Megan Thee Stallion signed to 300 Entertainment in 2018 where she released the mixtape Fever (2019), the extended play Suga (2020), and her debut studio album, Good News (2020); all of which peaked in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

Who is Cardi B signed to?

Atlantic Records Warner Music Australasia / Atlantic Records artist Cardi B has now signed to the Atlanta-based management company and record label Quality Control. Her career will now be under the eyes of founders Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “Pee” Thomas.

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Who is the owner of 300 entertainment?

300 co- founder & CEO Kevin Liles has been speaking about his incredible life and times in music in a new interview.

Who signed to 300?


Artist Year signed Albums with 300
Bailey Bryan 2017 So Far (EP) (2017) Perspective (EP) (2019)
OMB Peezy 2017 Humble Beginnings (EP) (2017) Preacher to the Streets (2019)
Agnez Mo 2018
Lil Keed 2018 Keed Talk to ‘Em (2018) Long Live Mexico (2019) Trapped on Cleveland 3 (2020)


Who is all signed to Roc Nation?

  • After The Burial. Learn More.
  • Aleicia Nicole. Miami, FL. Learn More.
  • Alicia Keys. Learn More.
  • Ambré New Orleans, LA. Learn More.
  • Angelica Vila. Learn More.
  • Angie Martinez. Brooklyn, NY. Learn More.
  • Animals As Leaders. Learn More.
  • Anwar Sawyer. Learn More.

How much is Roc Nation worth?

Forbes valued the brand at approximately $640 million, meaning the Roc Nation mogul earned $320 million from the move.

What is a 360 record deal?

360 Deals are exclusive recording artist contracts that allow a record label to receive a percentage of the earnings from ALL of an artists activities rather than just album sales.

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