FAQ: Who Did The Weekend Entertainment Report On Good Morning America?


Who watches Good Morning America?

“ GMA ” posted week to week gains in all key target demos: Total Viewers (3.351 million vs. 3.347 million), Adults 25-54 (+5% – 905,000 vs. 863,000) and Adults 18-49 (+6% – 561,000 vs. 527,000).

Who are the reporters for ABC News?

Current ABC News Radio personnel

  • Michelle Franzen – Midday Anchor.
  • Aaron Katersky – Correspondent.
  • Brad Mielke – Correspondent, ABC News Radio; Host, Start Here podcast.
  • Jason Nathanson – Entertainment Correspondent, ABC News Radio (2011–present)
  • Cheri Preston – New York-based Anchor/ Correspondent, ABC News Radio.

Who were the original hosts of Good Morning America?

” Good Morning America “! ABC’s morning show premiered Nov. 3, 1975, with co-anchors David Hartman and Nancy Dussault.

Who got fired from Good Morning America?

ABC has severed ties with Jessica Mulroney, Good Morning America contributor, celebrity stylist and best friend to Meghan Markle, following a social media firestorm over comments Mulroney allegedly made to black influencer Sasha Exeter.

Who is the new girl on GMA?

NEW YORK — ABC says it has promoted Lara Spencer to co-host status on ” Good Morning America.” Lifestyle anchor since returning to the show in 2011, Spencer now has billing parity with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

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Where is Kenneth Moton now?

Kenneth Moton, the co-anchor of ABC’s overnight and early-morning newscasts World News Now and America This Morning, is returning to the D.C. Bureau as a correspondent. Andrew Dymburt has been named his replacement, joining Mona Kosar Abdi on the newscasts.

What happened Josh Elliott?

Josh Elliott is an American journalist, who earned his fame by working for a number of prominent media houses, including ABC, NBC Sports, ESPN, and CBS News. However, after being fired from CBS News, he struggled to recover, but has since found a new job and is looking to rebuild his name.

What is TJ Holmes real name?

Loutelious ” T. J. ” Holmes, Jr. ( born August 19, 1977) is an American journalist and national television personality. Holmes first gained national prominence as an anchor and correspondent for CNN.

Is Michael and Sara show Cancelled?

Strahan, Sara, and Keke was canceled in July, and co-host Keke Palmer has recently spoken to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about the show ending.

What is Charlie Gibson doing today?

Charlie Gibson still shows up on Good Morning America Once a member of the GMA family, always a member of the GMA family. Since retiring over a decade ago, Charlie Gibson has returned for several guest appearances on the morning show he once anchored.

Why did Lara leave Good Morning America?

In 2018, People announced Spencer’s plans to leave her job as one of the co-anchors on Good Morning America to focus on her production company, DuffKat Media, and work on Good Morning America from behind the scenes in a lesser capacity.

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