FAQ: What Is Live Nation Entertainment?


Are Ticketmaster and Live Nation the same?

Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment merged to become Live Nation Entertainment. Live Nation Entertainment’s mission will be to improve the live entertainment experience and to drive major innovations in ticketing technology, marketing and service.

Is Live Nation a concert promoter?

Live Nation is an American events promoter and venue operator based in Beverly Hills, California. Sillerman as SFX Entertainment, the company’s business was built around consolidating concert promoters into a national company.

How does Live Nation operate?

Live Nation’s reportable segments are Concerts, Ticketing, and Sponsorship & Advertising. Operations involve global promotion of live music events in Live Nation -owned and operated venues and in rented third-party venues. The segment also operates and manages music venues, and produces music festivals across the world.

Does Live Nation Entertainment own Ticketmaster?

In 2010, Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged to create Live Nation Entertainment. Now you have more options than ever to enjoy live events, and things are only getting better.

Who is the CEO of Live Nation?

Live Nation’s U.S. concert business is now ‘fully open’ after Covid pause, CEO says. Live Nation Entertainment CEO Michael Rapino told CNBC on Thursday its U.S. concert business is now “fully open” after Covid disruptions. 3

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How does Live Nation make money?

In 2019, live event specialist Live Nation generated a total of 11.55 billion US dollars in revenue, up from 10.79 billion a year earlier. Of this revenue generated in 2019, over 1.54 billion U.S. dollars came from ticketing revenue and 9.43 billion U.S. dollars was generated through concerts.

Who is Joe Berchtold?

Joe Berchtold serves as Live Nation’s President. In this role Joe leads many of the company’s performance improvement and strategic initiatives. In addition, he oversees several of the corporate functions.

Does Jay Z own Live Nation?

Jay Z and Live Nation also co- own Roc Nation, a joint venture operated as a joint venture.

How Big Is Live Nation Entertainment?

We are live nation Bringing 40,000 shows and 100+ festivals to life and selling 500 million tickets per year is a massive undertaking, made possible by our 44,000 employees worldwide.

How do Live Nation presales work?

A My Live Nation pre-sale is when tickets are available online to registered Live Nation members before they go on general sale to everyone. When you are logged in, the top right-hand corner will say ‘My Live Nation ‘. Pre-sale tickets are the same as those available in the general sale, they are just available earlier.

How can I join Live Nation?

Download and open the Live Nation App. Tap My Account. Tap Sign In. Tap New to Live Nation?

Is Live Nation a good investment?

It’s still hard to recommend Live Nation despite the potential of record results next year. The economy is recovering nicely, and we’ve collectively saved a lot of concert money during the COVID-19 lull. This bodes well for all consumer discretionary stocks.

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How many locations does Live Nation have?

Live Nation deployed Presence at over 200 venues by the end of 2018, including every NFL stadium.

Who created Live Nation?

Live Promoter Live Nation originally started as SFX Entertainment in 1996, launched by late media mogul, Robert F. X. Sillerman. SFX was sold in 2000 for $3bn to Clear Channel, becoming Clear Channel Entertainment, which was spun off in 2005 and named Live Nation.

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