FAQ: What Does Yg Entertainment Look For?


What does YG Entertainment look for in auditions?

Q: What does YG look for? It also considers everything as a talent: rapping, singing and dancing, if you don’t have the 3 try acting, there are a bunch of YG Actresses and Idols who became actors also.

Does YG Entertainment care about looks?

Anyways, YG does have a visual or guide that he wants his trainees to fit. YG mostly looks for swag, confidence, and talent. If you are below average for the talent category, show that you have potential to debut. For an audition, act cool ( YG likes that (have manners also)).

Is it hard to get into YG Entertainment?

He began, “ YG only had a select few trainees, but we’ve been increasing the number since 2011. If you look at it one way, we get outstanding talent for free. Even though people know that it’s extremely hard to get into YG, kids from all over the nation will still come and try out on their own.

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How do you get selected for YG Entertainment?

YG is always looking for new talent and if you think you have what it takes, the first thing to do is to submit an audition application via their website. The entertainment group is currently holding open auditions that started in May and will continue through December 2020.

What happens if I pass YG online audition?

After passing both online and offline auditions, you will become a YG trainee and go through different training that is necessary for you. For producers (private), it’s a lot easier. Although, I think it’s offline auditions. You will need to send your personal profile and a completed song you produced/composed.

Does YG pay their trainees?

One thing to be clear about is trainees DON’T get paid. YGE is investing thousands in you as a person already – paying for your food,they pay for your dancing,vocal, accomodation, housing, styling and even for your school also,but you have to return there money once you debuted.

Is YG or JYP better?

YG is more strict and has a rlly long training periods since hes a perfectionist but JYP tends to have shorter training periods depending on your age tbh. id say JYP is basically in the middle between sm and yg. JYP doesnt look at looks as much as sm does and doesnt look at talent as much as YG.

Can YG trainees use phone?

JYP Entertainment has a strict three-year ban on new idols dating, trainees are forbidden from using their phones or meeting members of the opposite sex, and Twice’s Momo was once ordered to lose 7kg in a week – what it really takes to make it in K-pop. to make it as a K-pop idol.

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What kind of people is YG looking for?

YG Entertainment To prioritize it, the ranking goes as someone talented, someone who works hard, and someone who’s nice.” Yang Hyun Suk also looked for people who were passionate about their careers. Go crazy over what you want to do, and be excited about the time and opportunities you are given.

What happens to Kpop trainees who don’t debut?

Trainees that don’t debut can go in many different directions. Some who really love singing and dancing will move to a lower-tier agency and debut there. Others may seek to use their connections to move behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Can an Indian audition for Bighit if I’m a girl?

Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2021 online Age group – 12 to 18 years old boys and girls can apply for this show, female participants can join the show from all over the globe.

Is YG Entertainment strict?

YG Entertainment has a formal three-year restriction on new singers courting, learners are forbidden from utilizing their phones or getting along with partners of the opposite sex. K-pop celebrities weren’t held perfect. They didn’t constantly look all that amazing, dress up so incredibly, or walk so soulfully.

How long do YG trainees train?

The average training period for a trainee is 2 to 4 years. After training for a while there’s a chance that the trainee may debut. However not all trainees debut.

Does YG treat their trainees well?

They treat them very well. Indeed, they are one of the most popular entertainment company which many people desire to work with. First of all, they are very unique and trendy.

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Which Kpop company is the best?

Top 7 of the biggest Korean entertainment companies

  • YG Entertainment. One of the largest South Korean entertainment companies, which was established in 1996 by Yang Hyun-Suk.
  • JYP Entertainment.
  • SM Entertainment.
  • Big Hit Entertainment.
  • Cube Entertainment.
  • FNC Entertainment.

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