FAQ: How To Store Games In A Entertainment Center?


How can I organize my video games?

Set up the system that makes the most sense, then sit your family down and insist they put games back where they belong.

  1. Convert a bookshelf.
  2. Use a decorative basket.
  3. Store games inside ottomans.
  4. Hang a shelf on the wall.
  5. Make DIY video game storage.
  6. Fill an old drawer.
  7. Repurpose vintage suitcases.

Where should I store my game consoles?

“Keeping the console at room temperature will enable you to get plenty of long term use out of it over time and extend its lifespan,” Woodley says. Store boxes and bins holding video games on a shelf or in a drawer that doesn’t touch the ground to avoid water damage if there is a flood.

How do I organize my game accessories?

Screw a few cup hooks on the inside of a cabinet door or on the wall, wrap your cables and clip them with a binder clip. Then, hang the binder clips on the cup hooks to keep your cords organized and tangle-free.

How do I keep my console cool?

try the following:

  1. Keep you system out in the open (i.e. not in a cabinet)
  2. Keep out system out of the sun.
  3. Make sure the console is clear of Dust.
  4. Keep your system on a cool surface (such as cool aluminium or glass.
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How do you preserve ps1 games?

Store in a room with good average temperatures in summer and winter with little to no moisture/humidity issues to help prevent disc rot. Little to no direct sunlight which can damage the colours of the box art. I bought mine here. They have boxes/sleeves for just about everything.

How do I get my old consoles to work?

It’s best to keep consoles in a well-ventilated area, so don’t block it in amidst a mess of games and strategy guides, or in a tight unit. They need to stay cool and they need proper air-flow. That also means keeping them as dust-free as you can, especially any grilles or fans.

How do you declutter video games?

Here’s how to make sure your collection doesn’t get out of control.

  1. The 6 month rule. Sell anything you haven’t played for over 6 months.
  2. Sell anything you’ve completed.
  3. Trade up.
  4. Add up how long it would take to play through your entire collection.
  5. Make a game of it.
  6. Remember: games don’t hold their value!

How do I store my NES games?

NES – Kept in their dust sleeves and tilted on their sides so I can read the spines. Stacked on top of each other in a bookcase. SNES – The more expensive games have their plastic dust covers on. They are also tilted on their sides to read the spines.

How do I decorate my game room?

26 Game Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertaining Space

  1. Create a Versatile Rec Room. Photo via @mediavine.
  2. Go All Out with a Theme. Photo via @moanassecretgetaway.
  3. Add Some Theater Magic.
  4. Design Your Own Sports Room.
  5. Make an Old-School Arcade.
  6. Set Up a Pool Table Room.
  7. Embrace Natural Light.
  8. Add Cool Lighting.

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