Anthony Galie – Corporate Hypnotist/Speaker


Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie Seminars brings a new approach to an old problem – how to get and stay motivated over a long period of time. Most people are only able to stay focused on their goals for a few days at a time. Any longer than that and their performance begins to drop – in the absence of repeated, external reinforcement it is difficult to remain enthusiastic and properly motivated. The result is a good week of productivity followed by poor performance. The techniques taught in Anthony Galie Seminars are exactly designed to eliminate this problem and smooth out personal performance. Through a series of hands-on easy to learn, and effective techniques, each participant is shown how to focus on daily, monthly and long term production goals. But more importantly, each student is given the tools with which to accomplish them.

Anthony Galie’s Presentations “Seeing is Believing” (1-2 Hours – Designed For Conventions & Conferences) A demonstration of the awesome power of your subconscious mind. With actual volunteers from the audience, Tony guides you through a series of visualization techniques that must be seen to be believed. This is the one your group will be talking about for months afterwards. Fun and extremely entertaining, your group will leave with an effective tool that can be used to improve many aspects of their lives. This presentation is excellent for conventions, sales rallies, and large groups.

“The Subconscious Aspects Of Business” (All Day Program)
Tony’s all-day, in-depth seminar on goal-setting is the premier session on getting and staying focused. All three internalizing techniques, namely kinesthetic, visual-imagery and auditory, are explored in depth. Attendees are helped in setting their goals and taught how to imbed them in their subconscious mind. Each person is shown how to put themselves on a reward and punishment system to form good business habits, then how to hypnotize themselves in order to visualize their goals, and finally to put their goals on tape. Everyone leaves the program with their own goals on tape, thus ensuring long-term effectiveness.Tony’s all-day program is a winner, and a must for anyone serious about reaching their goals.


“You entertained us and stretched our imaginations. From the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we will be talking about you and your techniques for a long time. I was particularly pleased with the way you tied our key 2000 Business Plan into your presentation – it reinforced them in a truly unique way!” BELL ATLANTIC – Paulette Balich, Operations Vice President

“In addition to being fun and interesting, you demonstrated the power of the unconscious mind and the practical benefits of creative visualization. Your session proved to be the most memorable as well as the highest rated by our guests.” CRAIN COMMUNICATIONS – Bridget Kavanaugh, Corporate Communications Manager

“You have the gift of being able to interweave the business message with high impact entertainment. You left our guests with a truly memorable and entertaining evening – they continued to express their amazement with your presentation the next day.” VALU HOME CENTERS – Michael Ervolina. President

“Your session “Programming Yourself for Success” had a powerful impact on our group and was truly amazing. We appreciate your professionalism, your preparation and your commitment to helping making our meeting the absolute best!” COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS – Filemon Lopez, Senior Vice President of Sales

“I want to thank you for an extremely informative and entertaining presentation. You had the attention and focus of the entire audience. It was great how you were able to tap into the subconscious of the participants.” BACKYARD BURGERS – Lattimore Michael Founder, Chairman

“Your “Subconscious Aspects of Business” was the hit of the conference. Not only was it entertaining, your message on how people can develop positive outlooks, improve concentration and most importantly achieve results, was exactly what we needed. Some attendees have indicated that you provided them with real, tangible steps – it will make a difference in their lives.” COMMONWEALTH UNITED MORTGAGE – Pamela Richardson, Vice President of Sales

“Your presentation uniquely combined entertainment with powerful messages emphasizing the importance of visualization and self-actualization in attaining personal and professional goals. Your talk was quite humorous and you are certainly one of the most memorable speakers we have had to date!” FORSYTHE TECHNOLOGY – Sally Buchanan, Vice President of Marketing

“What a hit!!! We have never received as much acclaim about a presentation…comments Like, “He really got the point across of how strong our thought process is” and “Anthony Galie is incredible.” You have truly found a way to convey what we all have heard over and over in a new and inspirational way.” VR BUSINESS BROKERS – Cathy Vallevieni, Vice President

“Wow! Thanks for a great opening. We could not have asked for a better start to our program. You did an excellent job in creating a perfect blend between motivation and fun. Without a doubt, your performance will be remembered for years to come.” TAG AND LABEL MANUFACTURING INSTITUTE – Frank Sablone, Executive Director

“We received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from my associates. They are very excited about the practical goal-setting ideas Tony gave them.” NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL – Harry Hoopis, G.A., Chicago, IL.

“In my 14 years in the real estate industry, I must say your presentation is the most unique I have ever seen or have been a part of….the feedback I have received is terrific!” MERRILL LYNCH REALTY/MCK INC. – James Mueller, President

“The ‘Subconscious Aspects of Business’ was one of the highlights of our National Management Conference… You convinced me of the power of self-hypnosis in achieving one’s goals.” PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE – Richard Painter, President

“Not only theory but practical application…..Easily incorporated into my daily routine……the best I have ever attended….recommend that this seminar be available to other Federal Express employees.” FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION – Glenn N. Chambers, Managing Director

“Impressed to see your seminar’s implementation of goal setting and concise daily activity techniques”…”tremendously invaluable tools – your experience, enthusiasm, and professionalism had a successful influence”…”would recommend this to anyone in the industry.” THE EQUITABLE – Tony Sages, Agency Manager, New York

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation…on the Subconscious Aspects of Sales. We use the term ‘outstanding’ advisedly because the rating sheets filled in by those in attendance clearly indicate that your seminar was just that – outstanding!” MIAMI BOARD OF REALTORS, Liz Ostroff Hubbard, Communications/Education Director

“Just a note to thank you for your excellent two day sales and motivation session for Florida Power and Light Company’s……dealer representatives. Feedback…..has all been positive and reported sales of……appliances are increasing. Thanks for a most interesting and practical session.” FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY – Henry N. Elliott, Program Supervisor

“Wow! What can we say? We’ve just witnessed your seminar on ‘The Subconscious Aspects of Business’ and it was the best I’ve witnessed in the 27 years I’ve been in sales.” PRUDENTIAL – Karl H. Kazmaier, Manager, District Office, Sandusky, Ohio

“Your wit and charm, coupled with specific, tangible solutions and procedures to everyday sales problems, was very refreshing. Your psychological profiles…were ‘icing on the cake’ to an otherwise very professional and outstanding presentation.” SEARS COMMERCIAL SALES – Larry Lewis, Pacific Northwest Regional Manager