Larry G. Jones – Celebrity Impersonator


Larry G. Jones

Corporate Musical Comedy Show: As a Las Vegas’ Impressionist of the Year, and Event Solutions Spolight Awards Finalist for Entertainer of the Year, Larry G Jones has been a Las Vegas showroom headliner for over seven years and 1648+ shows, Larry G Jones also delivers top of the line entertainment to events around the world. His customized ‘Superstar Voices in Concert Show’ is a fast moving, high energy, inspiring experience that will keep clients intrigued with amazement, floored with laughter, and buzzing for weeks about the great time they had at your event. With up to 75 voices in every show, you’ll experience a huge variety of astoundingly accurate legendary singer, celebrity, and Presidential impressions from the 1950’s to today. From Neil Diamond to Johnny Cash and seven presidents, Larry’s ‘Superstars Voices Show’ will delight the both young and old alike with hilarious song parodies, props, multi-celebrity skits, physical comedy, and audience participation.

A Concert of dreams full of Number one Hits! Bring the ‘Las Vegas’ to your event with a taste of dead-on imitations of Las Vegas’ top shows like The Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera, The Rat Pack, Cher, Elton John, Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, The Temptations, Wayne Newton, and Neil Diamond to name a few. It’s a concert of dreams with dozens of Billboard’s greatest hits from music’s greatest legends with numerous one-man duets including: Sonny and Cher, Nat-Natalie Cole, Michael McDonald-Patti Labelle, and Willie Nelson-Julio Iglesias. You’ll get to kick back with the Beach Boys, romance with the Bee Gees, rock with Bruce Springsteen, laugh with Jimmy Buffet, reflect with Jimmy Stewart, gain understanding with Dr. Phil, and see a new perspective with Ray Charles.

Clients: Larry has performed at not only at virtually every Casino in Las Vegas, Larry has entertained for many Fortune 500 companies like Taco Bell, Best Buy, Hewlett Packard, Disney, Bush Gardens and many more more. There’s music for every taste and loads of laughs for all ages with this timeless celebration of singer, celebrity, and presidential parodies. Larry G Jones’ – ‘Superstar Voices in Concert’ is a well polished, well rounded show.

Motivation/Inspiration: When Larry was diagnosed with advanced stage IV cancer in 1998, he was given only six months to live. However, he didn’t let this death sentence get in the way of continuing to pursue his life long dream of performing. Even during his painful chemotherapy treatments, Larry continued to perform at least once a week. In 2004 Larry became a ‘death by drowning’ survivor. After this, he had complete kidney failure and emergency dialysis. Determined to make pending gigs, Larry was completely recovered and performing within three weeks. Larry’s inspiring life and career story is a living testimony to his “Three Key Edicts to Stay Motivated;” Attitude determines your destiny, Rejection is a lesson, and Persistently pursuing your dreams and striving to be the best in you field will always lead to personal and professional growth. Larry is glad to share his inspiring and comedic stories of struggles and survival through laughter, hope, attitude, and faith. Larry lives by his motto, “It’s a great day to be alive!”