Jay White as Neil Diamond



Jay White’s tribute reflects one of the world’s best loved musical treasures with his uncanny physical and vocal likeness to Neil Diamond.  Over the past 24 years, White has gone from a Diamond in the rough to a polished headline performer whose command of the stage and his audience has put him at the top of his craft. He has achieved all the facets of Diamond himself, from the singer’s rich baritone vocals and subtle swagger of the hips to that charismatic smile. White’s performance bears such a natural resemblance to Diamond’s, that after having met several of his family members, they were nothing less than amazed by his uncanny depiction and his soft-spoken off-stage demeanor says White: “I’ve been treated with such kindness and acceptance by Neil’s mother, son and brother and I’m even more thrilled to have recently appeared on Neil’s DVD and CD box set entitled “Stages.”

In 1996 and again in 2002, White met Diamond backstage before his MGM Grand, Las Vegas appearances, where he asked Neil to autograph a photo of the two of them. Neil signed: “Jay, keep singing, so I can stay home and relax, your friend in music.” White was extremely flattered and honored.

In a 2002 interview, Diamond was asked about the accuracy and popularity of several tribute acts and he replied, “I’ve heard a few of them and I’m always complimented by their efforts, but my favorite is a young man from Las Vegas named Jay White.”

Since 1990, White has performed from Europe to Asia and hundreds of cities across the U.S. and Canada. He played 50 weeks a year at the Imperial Palace for almost nine years, where he became Legend’s longest running act in one venue. With a desire to stretch and challenge his stage performance, White decided in 1997 to find an agent who believed in his talent and his new band. Together they headed for the corporate market to introduced their all-new 75-minute show. “The performance is more than the look and sound alone,” says White, “from facial expressions and charming wit to audience participation. It all needs to come together to form an exhilarating, emotional experience.”

Even though he may in real life resemble Neil Diamond, White says that when he leaves the stage, the persona ends there. “I love performing and I feel blessed to have such a wonderfully supportive family and fan base and yet, I’m thrilled and amazed that I’ve come so far,” he says.