steps  The World’s Only Mobile Space Shuttle Exhibit

When you need to promote your product, service, or message, use this unique platform to give your sales a lift Off! This “one of a kind” Shuttle replica is guaranteed to draw a crowd in any situation for any event.

The company is a U. S. based company dedicated to educating people of all ages about the importance of science and technology as it pertains to space travel. The mission is to inspire interest in NASA as well as commercial space ventures. We accomplish this through our unique one-half-scale interactive mobile space shuttle exhibit.

The space shuttle mobile exhibit was created at a cost of $2-million dollars, and to date, it has had over 1.5 million children and adults visit and participate in its unique interactive experiences. We call it our “Dream Mission.”

Our “Dream Mission” is capable of traveling throughout the United States, as well as the world. The shuttle space craft exhibit is designed to accommodate 16 passengers for simulated launch experiences.

Launch Stations inside Shuttle Trailer








Each of the passengers acts in one of the following capacities:

1. Infrared Operator

2. Radar Operator

3. Electrical Specialist

4. Full Spectrum Operator

5. Fuel Cell/Hydraulics Specialist

6. Satellite Observer

7. Propulsion Manager

8. Mechanical Arm Operator

9. Mechanical Specialist #2

10. Navigator

11. Environmental Officer

12. Meteorologist

13. Network Controller

14. Mission Control Manager

15. Communications Manager

16. DOD Officer

The launch experience lasts 10 minutes and takes passengers through the pre-launch, launch, roll, solid rocket booster jettison, main tank separation, and orbit sequence. Passengers then return to earth through a fiery re-entry and shuttle landing.

At their personal mission stations, passengers operate switches, monitor systems, and watch the views of space on three of their monitors. The realistic space environment, motion, lights and sounds add to the realism of the mission.

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