Xtreme Jeremy



Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is a champion Observed Trials obstacle rider. Observed Trials is an extreme sport in which the rider navigates his bike around an obstacle course without allowing his feet to touch the ground. Jeremy, who’s only 21 years old and is the 2004 National Trials Bike Champion, has thrilled thousands of people performing tricks and stunts in countless demonstrations.


In addition to his National title he is also the highest placing American ever at the World Championships, 4 time USA World Team member, 2003 World Team Captain, former Jr. National Champion, and holds the record for the longest wheelie at over 8 miles long. Jeremy is an extreme athlete who articulate, enthusiastic and provides incredible entertainment value for audiences of all ages.

Jeremy performs all over the world annually at a wide variety of special events including half-time shows, bicycle safety demos and schools, which involve him jumping and hopping over various props and obstacles. He always includes a message in his shows which includes staying off drugs, getting involved with after school activities, reaching for your goals and dreams and how to go over those tough obstacles of life. A public fund raiser event can also be arranged at night to help pay for his school fee or to help a certain school organization.


“Thank you for the extraordinary assemblies you put on for our students during Red Ribbon Week. Your skills on a bicycle kept our students captivated throughout both assemblies. Of particular importance to me was your message about drugs, peer pressure and how to handle both in a positive way.Exceptional show…. great role model!” – Mike Michelon – District Superintendent, Grenada, California

“Jeremy’s show was excellent. It was well received by the students, teachers, and parents. He got the attention of all those in attendance at the show. Thanks for helping to get him here to Castle Rock.” – Randy Chase – Billings, Montana