Tammy Harris Barton


Tammy Harris Barton

Tammy Harris Barton is one of the most talented respected and sought after Hypnotists in the country today! The latest member of a family of renowned hypnotist, Tammy has perfected a family oriented show that has been performed all over the United States, and is considered by many to be the premier hypnosis show!

In every show, Tammy selects willing volunteers from the audience and then puts them into a state of hypnosis. She then guides them though a journey of the mind in which the volunteers act on suggestions Tammy provides. During her show you never know who might show up to share her stage. Only the imagination of her volunteers will limit their journey. Tammy always maintains the highest level of respect for her volunteers, and never embarrasses or humiliates any one on stage.

Tammy Harris Barton has been performing as a professional stage hypnotist since 1993. She began her career working with her parents both of whom are certified hypno-therapists. She quickly realized that hypnosis performed correctly could be both entertaining and educational at the same time, and could allow her to obtain any goal she set for herself.

She became involved with beauty pageants, and with self-esteem and positive mental attitude she learned from Hypnosis, she won numerous titles. Tammy then set the ultimate goal for herself, to graduate from college and high school at the same time. Using hypnosis to help with study skills and passing exams, not only did she achieve her goal; she also received two business degrees. She is always glad to share this empowering message with her audiences.


“I was quite pleased with the professionalism of Ms. Barton. It is nice to find a show that appeals to all ages and is very family-oriented”Cindy Wright – Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair

“Tammy’s show was the best received act we have had in several years. We had many positive comments regarding her show, and have even been threatened with bodily harm if we don’t have her back.” Lori Anderson – Skagit County Fair

“Tammy’s act is high energy, G rated, and she was absolutely wonderful with the audience members, especially the children. I give Tammy Barton my highest recommendation. She was easy to work with and “low maintenance.”Lloyd Huskey, General Manager – Tanana Valley State Fair-Alaska

“Tammy, it is a relief to see someone with a professional attitude, who is self sufficient, and down to earth friendly. We’re glad we found you!” – John Gentry – Tehama District Fair – Red Bluff, CA

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Argosy Cruise Lines
West Coast Entertainment – Seattle,WA
Tanana Valley State Fair – Alaska
Tulelake -Butte Valley Fair
Skagit County Fair – WA
Tehama District Fair – Red Bluff, CA