Tim Gabrielson- The Magic of Comedy



Comic magician, Tim Gabrielson, has one goal when he steps on stage: Keep It Funny.

A native of Minnesota, Tim began performing at a local theme park at age 16. His comedic wit and natural timing combined with magical prowess quickly made him a park favorite and landed him a contract with a local agency. He soon became one of the Midwest’s youngest and fastest rising entertainers. Tim’s shows exceeded 200 per year and provided limitless exposure to every imaginable audience; which gave him the additional ability to handle any crowd. His increasing popularity took him from a best kept secret among the college venue to a highly sought after performer.

Tim’s business is magic, but for this consummate professional it’s much more than the tricks.

“People are always talking about the technicality of magic. You have to be good, but the magic by itself is meaningless. Do you entertain the crowd? Can you grab an audience in the first few minutes and hold their attention? You can be a fabulous magician, but if you can’t entertain the crowd, people aren’t going to come back. I don’t want to be just a good magician. I want to be a great entertainer.”

Tim’s “keep it funny” philosophy is apparent throughout his laugh-a-minute- show. He prides himself in providing a clean performance in which he takes it to the line, but never crosses. His wide appeal makes his a show enjoyable for all types of audiences. And it didn’t take long to gain the attention of agents and producers alike; which landed him fill-in spots for Vegas headliners like Ron Lucas and Mac King before acquiring his own room on the Strip.


Tim makes YOU, the entertainment planner, look good!

“The best entertainment I’ve seen.” Mid-MN Medical Association
Willmar, MN

“Your performance was outstanding! You had all 425 of us like putty in your hands. We were all kept on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the next mind-boggling trick.” Mega Foods, Eau Claire,  WI.

“Our members were magically mystified and completely entertained with your comical twist. You are a true master of your craft.” Compensation Funds of New Hampshire, Concord, NH.

“Your humor, wit, quick thinking, and amazing tricks kept them on the edge of their seats … It takes more talent to be funny without being crass and you were hilarious!” Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA

“The show left people in a state of wow!” St. Ambrose University Davenport, IA