Michael Anthony – The Speaker you can’t keep out of your mind


Michael C. Anthony

Michael C. Anthony is not an everyday performer. His programs are an avant-garde blend of the human psyche and eye-popping theater. He has filled theaters and wowed corporate audiences both throughout the United States and internationally. The presentations Michael C. Anthony executes are anything but typical. No rabbits out of hats here, no sequin gowns, bad tuxedos, or distasteful jokes. Campus Activities Magazine has named Michael their Male Performer of the Year.


Use Your Brain for a Change
Michael C. Anthony will help you meet your goals and . Michael’s keynote, “Use your brain for a CHANGE,” will have your audience talking for weeks. This hilarious keynote presentation is designed to empower, motivate and inspire the audience to utilize their own mental resources to create permanent change in their lives. Michael uses his own brand of comedy mind reading to illustrate how the audience can go beyond conventional thinking and unlock their full potential.

Comedy Mind Reading Show
Don’t let your next banquet, meeting or convention be typical. Michael C. Anthony can provide an incredible mind reading act that will leave your employees or clients talking for weeks. This is a hilarious show in which Michael reads the thoughts of of volunteers from the audience. Nothing is pre-arranged. Predictions are made, and information that couldn’t have possibly be known is revealed. This show will blow your mind….temporarily of course.

All Stressed Out and No One to Choke
Dealing with Stress in a fast paced world can be very difficult and unhealthy. The fun and interactive presentation can be used as an entertaining keynote or as a separate break out session. All Stressed Out teaches sure-fire techniques for handling stress. Michael C. Anthony is a certified therapist and will show attendees how to take control of stressful situations and improve their physical, mental and emotional states.

Michael’s programs are all completely clean and professional. At no time will the audience members be embarrassed.


“Our associates were amazed and are still talking about it!”
Home Depot

“A hilarious and unforgettable performance!”
Hewlett Packard

“Michael Anthony was great.  His interaction with our employees was outstanding.  He left everyone laughing and talking about his show for a long time.  I highly recommend him to any company who wants great entertainment.”
Vickie Cox
Sara Lee Foods – St. Joseph

“Without a doubt, one of the most amazing, funny entertainers we have ever brought in.  People went home in pain, their sides hurt so much from laughing.”
Greg Tice
Seattle Study Club

“Michael was great!!  Our attendees enjoyed him tremendously.  Absolutely Mind-boggling!”
Betty Moss
Triple Win Dental Group