Dick Hardwick


Dick Hardwick

Dick Hardwick, who makes his home in Hollywood, has taken his humor to such impressive venues as the Las Vegas Hilton, Silver Legacy and Caesars Palace to name a few. And over the years, he has worked hundreds of dates for many national names such as AT&T Wireless, State Farm and McDonalds and more. He has entertained TV audiences on several well-known shows and he has walked away as a Comedy Champion on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search”.

Dick Hardwick has played as a musician on John Prine’s Grammy winning album “The Missing Years”. He appeared as an actor in Jackie Gleason’s final film “Nothing In Common”, co-starring Tom Hanks. He’s done radio and television commercials. And he’s been featured with major acts like Johnny Mathis, Gladys Knight, Ray Charles and so many more.

Back in the beginning, it was Hardwick’s dad who first taught him to play those “sparkling” drums, but since that time he has expanded his musical expertise to also include string bass, guitar, harmonica, jaw harp, bones, washboards, and calliope. However, the instrument he has truly mastered is the LAUGHING MACHINE.

Laughing is his life. Laughing is his business.



“Dick Hardwick is the funniest person I have ever heard. He is an extraordinary comedian” Johnny Mathis

“I love his sense of humor and his ability to make the audience laugh with out taking the low road by resorting to X-rated humor”Reba McEntire

“Dick Hardwick is the best comedian/entertainer out there”Barbara & Louise Mandrell

Need we say more? Call 1-888-533-0874 to book this funny man.