Billy Riggs


Billy Riggs

Billy Riggs, CSP – the World’s first and only “Dis-Illusionist” blends world class illusions, spellbinding communication and ground breaking content to create an experience found nowhere else. His blend of magic and motivation has benefits that go well beyond just its initial “dis-illusioning” content. In each of his life changing presentations featuring spectacular magic, uproarious humor and paradigm-shifting messages, Billy Riggs helps bring perception and reality together, dispelling crippling illusions while propelling managers and employees toward explosive success. He connects with virtually every audience with his down to earth manner and keen insights into human personality.

Sharing this philosophy for over 20 years to more than one million people on five continents, Billy has earned the prestigious CSP designation. Magnetically drawing people to himself and motivating them with the power of vision, Billy is a consummate self-directed leader with more than ten years of experience as a founder and CEO.

Billy understands the value of human potential and the need to increase performance, revolutionize customer service and achieve solid, sustained growth. Because Billy’s powerful presentations translate from the business world to everyday relational and personal experiences, he leaves each audience amazed, informed and excited about life. Clients who have experienced Billy’s mesmerizing, humorous and motivational illusions include: Georgia Pacific, GTE, Poulan, IBM, Amway, Maytag, Hyatt Hotels, DuPont, American Association of Airport Executives, and Association of School Board Officials, among others. Billy can do programs on any of the following subjects:

  • How to Provide Magical Customer Service
  • How to Inspire Magical Customer Service for Managers
  • The Magic of Education
  • Grand Illusions
  • How to Achieve the Impossible!
  • The Magic of Balance
  • The Magic of Sales

This is what some satisfied clients have to say:

“An incredible blend of message and magic is the best way to describe Billy’s presentation. He has a solid message that is unquestionably the primary purpose of his presentation. However, the excitement of magic, moment by moment, enhances his presentation and delivers what an audience thrives on, content. I would highly recommend Billy Riggs.”Edwin L. Griffin, Jr., CAE Executive Vice President/CEO Meeting Professionals International

“You did a great job in kicking off the Alberta Hotel Association’s 77th Annual Convention in Jasper, Alberta. No doubt we picked a winner, as it was one of our most successful events at our convention. I appreciate your humor with a thought-provoking message.”James P. Hansen Executive Vice-President Alberta Hotel Association

“Mr. Riggs is a truly, professional speaker who delivers with a spin. His keynote was amazing. Our distributors are still commenting on the informational, fun experience Billy gave them. Thank you!” Paula Martin Meeting Planner/Event Coordinator Cell Tech

We invite you to experience Billy Riggs! The World’s first and only “Dis-Illusionist”!